“Since 2018 I have spoken publicly about my journey from Afghanistan to suicide and recovery. This has been spoken about to over 22 companies with 8 booked in across 2020. The initial one done was for companies such as Cadent Gas, McCann Group, and The Duke of Lancaster’s and Greater Manchester Army Cadet Force as well as Greater Manchester’s Under Officer Training Units.

The cost for this is reduced following COVID-19 but includes discount of Mental Health First Aid Courses with partner: Body & Mind First Aid Training. It also includes a link to qualify you in Suicide Prevention. 

The whole talk is a first-hand real experience with myself, I talk about everything post war, the feelings of anxiety, depression, suicide and guilt. What I did to overcome this and things I put in place. It gives you advice by qualified mental health first aiders and how to look out for one another. This 60 minute segment comes with on-going support and staff training listed above.

*Note: This is perfect to implement in post COVID-19 where staff will be returning to work from a heightened state of alert which has been known to cause complex mental health problems. By bringing this in we will offer a 50% discount if booked on more than one occasion*.

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