In 2017 I started charity work across the North West, assisting veterans with the transition from Soldier to Civilian, working with over 400 veterans directly through various projects alongside and within three key charities to the community.

In 2019, I began investing my time ensuring that Emergency Services Staff and Veterans could receive the same transition and a place to settle within The North West. I did this by building a programme which began properly in 2020, privately funded to myself and the VG which is a charity I am a director off we formed ‘Mission VG’ – Working with links I had created over the years and from my time within Africa and work within the military and private military world would see ‘Mission VG’ under the company banner of ‘Rifleman Group’ and ‘The Veterans Garage Charity’ take Emergency Services and Veterans to Kenya where they would mentor Anti-Poaching groups in basic soldiering/crowd management/Policing skills. Each block is 3 weeks, we provide each beneficiary with the tools, the flights and the pathway through volunteering to empower others, upon returning to the UK the beneficiary who is now Mental Health First Aid Trained, Suicide Prevention Trained and PETL’s trained will be assisted with a CV and put into guaranteed interviews within the mentoring and adult education industry.

Along with the Anti-Poaching side of the mission, we have a 10 day privately funded cohort who receive a wrap around service which is set to be announced in partnership with Body & Mind First Aid Training.

*Note: Due to Covid-19, the second cohort due to go out has been moved to Feb/March 2021*

Alongside the above, we have been able to fund in Manchester over 50 mental health sessions per week through counselling whether virtual or one to one as well as providing a place for those in need 7 days a week, with various activities funded by the RFN Group privately for quad biking, fishing, running, tabbing club and working with The VG to facilitate this in Manchester and Abersoch.

As part of my military compensation which was ringfenced by a financial manager and contract and not accessible until 2020 which then had further restrictions which meant I couldn’t just spunk money away but could only invest we purchased some property and built/invested in the above business and mentioned charity to ensure veterans receive constant care and a complete service to ensure they can live a full and successful life moving forward.

We have two apartments located within the North West which see’s veterans/vulnerable people renting them at a very reduced rate while they get back on there feet, one is an apartment often shared and another is for a family located in a prime family suburb.

*Note- Due to COVID-19 the apartment/share has been issued for FREE to two NHS workers who have assisted the project to become what it has*

*All can be evidenced by emailing – it is also part of the evidence pack with Craig's book*

This business is registered with companies house: 12786900